Contact Keepnet

Keepnet is dedicated to providing efficient ways of communicating and the ways in which you can reach us reflect that.

Email is generally the best way of contacting us for support queries and it always has priority as a response channel. That means when you send an email it is the fastest and simplest way to get an effective response. We get email on mobile phones, PDAs, desktops or laptops and so can route your query to the best person quickly.

Telephone is a great way of getting in touch, especially if your email is down! However we are not a call centre based operation and as emails take precedence, you may find you are leaving voice mail. We still promise to get back to you if you leave a message but to get the most rapid response it is still best to email as well.

Postal services are an essential part of life and probably always will be. We are happy to receive correspondence and packages at our main admin location but please do not send anything to our datacentre locations as, for security reasons, no items are accepted.

Meeting us is the natural way to do business and we enjoy visiting customers in their premises. Most of our business relationships thrive on an informal but professional approach. We prefer to come out to your business to understand what you need and what is important to you. Email, call or post us an invitation and we will come and see how we could help.

Forums are another way of getting in touch with us and offer the chance to ask general questions across the Keepnet community