cropped-square2-1.pngSince its inception nearly 20 years ago, Keepnet has referred to itself as a collection of like minded individuals working together to solve problems.

Originally we provided secure hosting and consultancy for large corporates and professionals.

Solving problems for those customers has meant we have developed and attracted a range of skills that are useful for more than hosting alone.

Keepnet hasĀ  offered interim management services and audit reviews under the name Credible Consulting since the begining. We helped to bridge skills gaps or rescue projects that were off track.

About 10 years ago we shifted the hosting operation to focus on Open Source software so we could better meet the needs of business with a more flexible approach. OpenSure has offered fully open source solutions ever since.

Two years ago we started working as interim management for Ecoflaps providing strategic and day to day management support as well as IT resources and design support.

Now Keepnet are bringing Ecoflaps under the same umbrella and we have now taken them in-house to join the team.

With new problems to solve and new products to develop we are looking forward to an exciting chapter unfold over the next 20 years.