Keepnet Ltd has a simplified terms and conditions approach to doing business, as usual to Keep IT Simple.


1) Services


We endeavour to keep the services we offer to clients available at all reasonable times.

When that is not possible including but not limited to: exceptional equipment failure, third party service failure or external events such as accident, natural disasters, terrorism, war or zombie apocolypse, we aim to preserve and protect data and key elements of the service as best we can.

As time and technology move on we aim to improve the services offered and tailor them better to meet expectations of the market and customers and to meet our core environmental objectives.

We keep backups of active services for emergency recovery of services, not as an archive of data or an ad-hoc roll-back.

We do not offer a 100% uptime guarantee with lots of provisos and caveats which act as ‘get out of jail free’ cards. We do our best to provide a continuous service but within reasonable real world limits. Our reputation over since 1997 is extremely good and would allow us to label ourselves as close to 100% as possible under criteria most would use.


2) Products


Any products our enterprises create are designed and built to fulfil a need we think needs to be met.

Our designs are based on the materials, technologies and practices available at the time to us. Sometimes this may be limited by access to them as well as knowledge of them.

As new better options present themselves, we will try to incorporate them into our designs and manufacturing output.

Our aim to reduce wasteful use of resources, means we look for ways to improve our efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment in a properly sustainable way.

We are not perfect and we may need to make an improvement or change to a product where we made a mistake. We will stand by our products and customers in such situations to make the best outcome we can.


3) People


When it comes to staff, contractors, suppliers and customers, we would like to think we try to help everyone get the best from our services and products. It should not matterĀ  whether they are working for or with us or selling to or buying from us.

We probably can all do better in relationships with each other and we are no exception.

We hope we are not prone to adversely judging people by skin colour, sexual orientation, religious conviction or socio-economic class etc. We try to identify where we might be doing things that could be better but we are aware we might miss things.

We work as a group of like minded people and that will build in certain things to our world view. We know it includes curiosity, invention, compassion and a desire to help make things better, but it probably includes things that may manifest in less positive ways.

If you can let us know in a constructive way when we do something less positive it will help us to do better and that would make us happier too.


4) Privacy


We review and keep as little data on customers and users as possible to enable us to provide the services offered and to improve them.

We remove data held by us once someone ceases to use our services or within a specified date to facilitate a transfer of data.

We will not share customers financial information or details with anyone outside of the needs of a transaction, unless subject to a legal requirement or enforcement.


5) Billing


We charge our customers at the point of order, every month or annually depending on how they take products or services with us.

On invoices we allow 14 days for payment after which time we reserve the right to suspend services. After 28 days we reserve the right to remove all services and data from our platforms.

For product sales we will not despatch any goods when there is an invoice in arrears.

Third party costs like domains or services will not be paid/renewed if amounts for renewal are outstanding for any time period.

Things can go wrong for anyone, so customers finding themselves in financial difficulty are considered contructively and arrangements can be altered to help where possible. It is important to contact us as soon as possible if such situations arise.


6) Disputes and Legal complaint


We work with customers to come to sensible, real solutions that help resolve issues.

It is possible that may not work and if so then we would be happy to look at sensible arbitration solutions.

If those are not successful approaches then as our business operates in England it is subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts and Laws in the UK.